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PG-13 90 min FantasyHorrorThriller

IMDB: 4.7/10 781 votes

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A teenage girl discovers a box with magical powers, but those powers comes with a deadly price.

Review By Michael:

Wish Upon is a bad movie, and you won’t like it. It tells the story of Clare, who finds a little Chinese box of wishes that secretly belongs to Beelzebub. As she immediately finds out, every time she wishes for something, it get’s monkey’s-pawed into something she didn’t want, and also somebody dies. It worth mentioning that she’s terrible at wishing for things, and every time she talks to the box she leaves things way too open ended. Also, none of the writers knew how to write dialogue that sounds like things teens would say. Some of the wishes are also completely subjective. Like she wants her dad to stop hanging out inside of dumpsters, so she says ”I wish dad would stop being embarrassing” and Satan decides to make her dad a master of playing the saxophone. The end credits were actually pretty cool, and had better horror imagery than anything else in the entire movie.

Wish Upon
Wish Upon
Wish Upon
Wish Upon
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