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Barb och Ned Fleming besöker sin dotter Stephanie på college i sällskap med sonen Scotty. Det blir inte riktigt som Ned tänkt sig då hennes nya pojkvän Laird Mayhew dyker upp och visar sig vara hans värsta mardröm. Laird är en framgångsrik Silicon Valley-miljonär med en vulgär personlighet. Ned börjar genast förakta Laird och när denne berättar att han tänker fria till Stephanie om fem dagar och inleder en charmoffensiv gentemot familjen börjar Ned intrigera för att Laird inte ska bli hans svärson.

Review by Ilah:

This movie seems to get two reactions, love and hate. I am just somewhere in the middle. It felt just as bad as it was good. It does have some funny scenes for sure, and Key’s character is consistently amusing. However many jokes just rely on the fact that James Franco swears at times he shouldn’t swear. There’s also a lot of jokes that are just too predictable. Maybe I’ve just seen too many movies, but I saw half these jokes coming from a mile away. And when you know the punchline 30 seconds before it happens, it takes away any humor it might have had. There’s also lots of strange product placement. One part of the movie looks just like a car commercial. There’s another scene where James Franco just yells out Netflix exclusive shows for basically no reason. Overall, the plot is kind of weak BS. Half the jokes are bad, and it’s extremely predicable. I enjoyed the one watch I had, but that’s all it’s worth. Just one watch.

Why Him?
Why Him?
Why Him?
Why Him?
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