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While planning a bank heist, a thief gets trapped between two sets of criminals.

Review by Richi:
See this for Gerald Butlers sake if you are a fan. After that, who doesn’t like a robbery of some sort to see how it is done and if they get away and how. The movie keeps you connected but at times it is not for good or strong reasons. I found it interesting that the premises here is cops that will go all out to catch bank robbers that will go all out. It has a love-hate to it. The love? Fighting fire with fire produces nice results as the cops don’t let the law, rules or regs get in the way thus giving them an edge and the other guys losing one. The hate? When it starts to blur as to who are the bad guys? Not just in the movie but in life. Character, morals and purpose play a part in what we do or we are no better than the animals. This movie could have been stronger for its premises and really set a standard.

Den of Thieves
Den of Thieves
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